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Wrapped Chocolate

Model: CARAMEL01
Min Quantity: 1000
$0.29 - $0.48
A little bit of sweetness goes a long way toward brand recognition! These gourmet, individually wrapped bite-sized chocolate covered caramels will be the delight of everyone who tries one. Wrappers keep the candies untouched in your community candy bowl. These make a great complimentary hospitality ..
Model: Jumbo-054
Min Quantity: 24
$16.67 - $16.79
If you love extraordinary pistachios, you'll not only appreciate these, you won't be able to stop eating them. These are the exceptionally flavorful "new crop" pistachios, straight from California, packed fresh and crunchy for your enjoyment. Pistachios contain iron, protein and high levels of magne..
Model: Romfo-090
Min Quantity: 24
$47.94 - $47.94
This sleek, contemporary four-point pewter-like bowl has a smooth, lustrous, food-safe finish. It is a stylish accent piece they'll want to keep on their desk throughout the year. To make this gift even more enticing, we include five-ounces of our famous Chocolate Covered Almonds that are literally ..
Model: COOKIE01
Min Quantity: 1000
$0.70 - $0.84
Wrap your logo around these decadent chocolate treats. They are a delicious and engaging way to connect with your customers. Have a plate or bowl of wrapped cookies ready for meetings, conventions and trade shows. Up to 3 additional colors are available for additional charges on orders of 2500 or mo..
Model: Pepbar-089
Min Quantity: 96
$17.87 - $17.94
Our Peppermint Bark adds a delightful twist to the classic candy cane. We begin with a delicious, creamy confection on top of a layer of dark chocolate, then add a touch of genuine peppermint oil and a generous sprinkling of real candy cane bits. Just break into pieces to share and enjoy! The white ..
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